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1.Free of Custom and Duty (for Computer related hardware, accessory and software)
Computer hardware and software manufactured in the US are duty free to import to Canada. However, Consumer Electronics items are not duty free.

2.GST and PST or any city special tax
Just like you purchase locally, we need to collect the GST/ PST to submit to Canada government. If you use international ground or priority service, we have included all the taxes. You will not need to pay any extra fee further when the item arrived. If you use Post Office service, Postman will collect from you directly and submit to Canada government. Post Office may add extra handling service fee, few Canada dollars, in addition to the tax collected.

3.Brokerage Fee and Entry Preparation Fees (at significant discount!! or even waived for qualified orders)
No matter UPS, FedEX, or any other commercial carrier, there is a fee called brokerage fee to cover the entry preparation, custom clearance fee, and document preparation when packages pass Canada Custom. That fee is not included in their published shipping charges but will be collected from customers when packages arrive. That fee normally ranges from 4-15% (or above) of the item cost (based upon types and prices and quantity). (see UPS rate guide for customs clearance into Canada). We understand your frustration when you receive a bill with huge amount of the brokerage fee and lots of uncertain surcharge. Therefore, we implemented a total solution to cover all the cost beforehand to eliminate your worry and concern. As said, our fee structure (except Post Office service) include all the fees and you will not receive any extra bill. The fee may be higher than most vendors quoted you (because they let you pay such high brokeage fees and surcharge later on). In reality, our fee structure will be the most competitive in terms of total costs you pay for the items.

We use CONSOLIDATE shipment to remove that uncertain surcharge (which may be several times of your shipping costs) and reduce that fee as follows:

Priority Shipping freight quoted has included the brokerage fee, there is no extra charge in brokerage fees.
 Ground shipments subject to brokerage/handling fee for custom clearance and documentation. However, we will waive the brokerage/handling fee if your product order total (not including Shipping & Handling) is more than US$15.00. For product order total less than US$15.00, we will charge a flat fee of US$5.00 for the entire order.
All surcharges and fees mentioned above will be shown in your shopping cart. No other hidden fees will be collected from you when packages arrive. Guaranteed !

If shipped by U.S. Post Office, customer will be responsible to tax and fees when packages are delivered by postman.

4.Handling time
We have more than 10 warehouses in the US. However, only our headquarter in PA can handle international export orders. Therefore, there may be 1-5 business handling time after the billing verification for internal warehouses transfer.

5.Transportation time
Depends on the service you select, ground takes 5-8 business day. Priority is around 2-3 business days. Post Office service is not suggested. It has no guarantee for the transportation time. The tracking number provided may not be trackble or may not work properly (ex, tell you the destination which is not your "ship to" address) with 72 hrs. The reason may result from carriers handle packages by consolidate shipment and the address is one of carriers' facilities.

We accept major credit cards. However, not every bank will accept the verification. Therefore, we may not be able to proceed your order without verification. Please use the credit card that provides verification service. This will speed up the handling procedure tremendously. We also accept international money order, paid in US dollars. Please select payment term "check" in your order. Put your order number on the money order memo. Send the check to: 220 Reese Rd/ State College, PA 16801/ USA.

We now also accept payments through PayPal®. PayPal® accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express credit cards. And it's free to use. You can pay by PalPal® in your local currency to avoid possible currency conversion charges by your credit card banks. Canadian customers have the choice to pay in US or Canadian dollar. At the order confirmation page, Canadian customers have the choice to select the currency they want to pay for their orders. By paying through PayPal®, you know exactly how much you pay for your orders in Canadian dollors. If you do not have a PayPal® account, just go to PayPal® site and sign up a free account.

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