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Manufacturer   FRACTAL DESIGN
HARDWARE » CPU/ Microprocessor » CPU by Type » Intel Socket 370
  ITEM#     Product Name (Part No)
  2853844 Fractal Design Celsius S36  (FD-WCU-CELSIUS-S36-BK)
  3617058 Celsius S36  (FD-WCU-CELSIUS-S36-BKO)
  3632035 Celsius S24  (FD-WCU-CELSIUS-S24-BKO)
  2853898 Fractal Design Celsius S24  (FD-WCU-CELSIUS-S24-BK)
HARDWARE » Cases » Accessories
  ITEM#     Product Name (Part No)
  1508560 Fractal Design Silent Series R2 140mm Cooling Fan White  (FD-FAN-SSR2-140)
  1733853 Fractal Design Silent Series R2 140mm Cooling Fan Black  (FD-FAN-SSR2-140-BK)
  3520699 Prisma AL14 140mm PWM RGB  (FD-FAN-PRI-AL14-PWM)
  3520712 Prisma AL12 120mm PWM RGB  (FD-FAN-PRI-AL12-PWM)
  3520719 Prisma AL14 RGB PWM 3 Pack  (FD-FAN-PRI-AL14-PWM-3P)
  3520722 Prisma AL12 120mm RGB 3 Pack  (FD-FAN-PRI-AL12-3P)
  3520726 Fractal Prisma AL14 140mm RGB  (FD-FAN-PRI-AL14)
  3520732 Prisma SL14 140mm Green  (FD-FAN-PRI-SL14-GN)
  3520676 Prisma SL12 120mm Blue Fan  (FD-FAN-PRI-SL12-BU)
  3520677 Prisma SL14 140mm White  (FD-FAN-PRI-SL14-WT)
  3520683 Adjust R1 RGB LED Controller  (FD-ACC-ADJ-R1-BK)
  3520685 Prisma SL14 140mm Blue  (FD-FAN-PRI-SL14-BU)
  3520686 Prisma AL14 140mm RGB 3 Pack  (FD-FAN-PRI-AL14-3P)
  3520687 Fractal Prisma SL14 140mm Red  (FD-FAN-PRI-SL14-RD)
  3520696 Prisma AL12 RGB PWM 3 Pack  (FD-FAN-PRI-AL12-PWM-3P)
  3563498 Dynamic X2 PWM GP-14 140mm Bla  (FD-FAN-DYN-X2-GP14-PWM-BK)
  3563481 Dynamic X2 PWM GP-12 120mm Bla  (FD-FAN-DYN-X2-GP12-PWM-BK)
  3438993 Silent Series LL Blue 140mm  (FD-FAN-SSLL-140-BU)
  3439154 Silent Series LL White 140mm  (FD-FAN-SSLL-140-WT)
  3438943 Silent Series LL Red 140mm  (FD-FAN-SSLL-140-RD)
  3401590 Dynamic X2 120mm PMW White  (FD-FAN-DYN-X2-GP12-PWM-WT)
  3401591 Venturi HF 14 White  (FD-FAN-VENT-HF14-WT)
  3401441 Dynamic X2 120mm Whiteout  (FD-FAN-DYN-X2-GP12-WTO)
  3401459 Venturi HF 12 PMW White  (FD-FAN-VENT-HP12-PWM-WT)
  3401480 Venturi HF 14 PMW White  (FD-FAN-VENT-HP14-PWM-WT)
  3401483 Dynamic X2 140mm PMW White  (FD-FAN-DYN-X2-GP14-PWM-WT)
  3401525 Venturi HF 12 White  (FD-FAN-VENT-HF12-WT)
  3401354 Dynamic X2 140mm Whiteout  (FD-FAN-DYN-X2-GP14-WTO)
  2186331 Fractal Design Silent Series R3 80mm  (FD-FAN-SSR3-80-WT)
  2186347 Fractal Design Silent Series R3 60mm  (FD-FAN-SSR3-60-WT)
  2186372 Fractal Design Silent Series R3 40mm  (FD-FAN-SSR3-40-WT)
  2186165 Fractal Design Silent Series R2 120mm Cooling Fan Black  (FD-FAN-SSR2-120-BK)
  2186168 Fractal Design Silent Series R3 92mm  (FD-FAN-SSR3-92-WT)
  2186462 Fractal Design Silent Series R3 50mm  (FD-FAN-SSR3-50-WT)
  2030093 Fractal Design Dynamic GP-14 140 mm Cooling Fan White  (FD-FAN-DYN-GP14-WT)
  2030114 Fractal Design Dynamic GP-14 140 mm Cooling Fan Black  (FD-FAN-DYN-GP14-BK)
  2042903 Fractal Design Venturi HF-14 Cooling Fan  (FD-FAN-VENT-HF14-BK)
  2042925 Fractal Design Venturi HF-12 Cooling Fan  (FD-FAN-VENT-HF12-BK)
  2186230 Fractal Design Silent Series R3 120mm  (FD-FAN-SSR3-120-WT)
  2186439 Fractal Design Silent Series R2 40mm Cooling Fan White  (FD-FAN-SSR2-40)
  2186466 Fractal Design Silent R3 140mm Cooling Fan White  (FD-FAN-SSR3-140-WT)
  2609232 Dynamic X2 GP 120 m White  (FD-FAN-DYN-X2-GP12-WT)
  2609321 Dynamic X2 GP 140 m Black  (FD-FAN-DYN-X2-GP14-BK)
  2042932 Fractal Design Venturi HP-14 PWM Cooling Fan  (FD-FAN-VENT-HP14-PWM-BK)
  2042962 Fractal Design Venturi HP-12 PWM Cooling Fan  (FD-FAN-VENT-HP12-PWM-BK)
  3003809 Silent Series LL White 120mm  (FD-FAN-SSLL-120-WT)
  4175846 Fractal Design Fan FD-FAN-SSR2-120 Silent Series R2 120mm Retail  (FD-FAN-SSR2-120)
  4175789 Fractal Design Fan FD-FAN-DYN-GP12-BK Dynamic GP-12 Black 1200RPM Retail  (FD-FAN-DYN-GP12-BK)
  4175790 Fractal Design AC FD-ACC-SSD-A-WT-2P SSD Bracket Kit Type A White Retail  (FD-ACC-SSD-A-WT-2P)
  4175630 Fractal Design Fan FD-FAN-PRI-SL12-RD Prisma SL-12 Red 1200RPM Retail  (FD-FAN-PRI-SL12-RD)
  4175722 Fractal Design AC FD-ACC-MESH-C-FFILT-RD Color Mesh Panel f Meshify C Red RTL  (FD-ACC-MESH-C-FFILT-RD)
  4175723 Fractal Design Fan FD-FAN-DYN-X2-GP12-BK Dynamic X2 GP-12 Black 1200RPM Retail  (FD-FAN-DYN-X2-GP12-BK)
  4175951 Fractal Design Fan FD-FAN-PRI-SL12-WT Prisma SL-12 White 1200RPM Retail  (FD-FAN-PRI-SL12-WT)
  4176045 Fractal Design Fan FD-FAN-PRI-SL12-GN Prisma SL-12 Green 1200RPM Retail  (FD-FAN-PRI-SL12-GN)
  4175987 Fractal Design Fan FD-FAN-DYN-GP12-WT Dynamic GP-12 White 1200RPM Retail  (FD-FAN-DYN-GP12-WT)
  4175988 Fractal Design Fan FD-FAN-DYN-X2-GP14-WT Dynamic X2 GP-14 1000RPM Retail  (FD-FAN-DYN-X2-GP14-WT)
  4175994 Fractal Design Fan FD-FAN-SSLL-120-RD Silent Series LL Red 120mm 1200RPM  (FD-FAN-SSLL-120-RD)
  4175997 Fractal Design Fan FD-FAN-PRI-AL12 Prisma AL-12 ARGB 1200RPM Retail  (FD-FAN-PRI-AL12)
  4175999 Fractal Design Fan FD-FAN-SSLL-120-BU Silent Series LL Blue 120mm 1200RPM  (FD-FAN-SSLL-120-BU)
  4146811 Fractal Design AC FD-ACC-FLEX-VRC-25-BK Flex VRC-25 Vertical PCIE Riser Retail  (FD-ACC-FLEX-VRC-25-BK)
HARDWARE » Cases » Desktop
  ITEM#     Product Name (Part No)
  2683138 Define Mini C  (FD-CA-DEF-MINI-C-BK)
  2891151 Fractal Design Define C mATX T  (FD-CA-DEF-MINI-C-BK-TG)
  1784478 Fractal Design Core 1100 Computer Case  (FD-CA-CORE-1100-BL)
  1571111 Fractal Design Core 1000 USB 3.0  (FD-CA-CORE-1000-USB3-BL)
HARDWARE » Cases » Mid Tower
  ITEM#     Product Name (Part No)
  3503093 Meshify S2  (FD-CA-MESH-S2-BKO)
  3503080 Meshify S2 TG  (FD-CA-MESH-S2-BKO-TGL)
  3503052 Meshify S2 Dark TG  (FD-CA-MESH-S2-BKO-TGD)
  3563438 Define S2 Vision Blackout ATX  (FD-CA-DEF-S2V-BKO-TGD)
  3563405 Define S2 Vision RGB ATX  (FD-CA-DEF-S2V-RGB-BKO-TGD)
  3401546 Define S TG Side Panel  (FD-ACC-WND-DEF-S-BK-TGL)
  3401557 Define R5 TG Side Panel  (FD-ACC-WND-DEF-R5-BK-TGL)
  3401718 Meshify C Panel Green  (FD-ACC-MESH-C-FFILT-GN)
  3401720 Meshify C Panel Metallic Purpl  (FD-ACC-MESH-C-FFILT-PL)
  3387405 Define S2 USB C Black TG  (FD-CA-DEF-S2-BK-TGL)
  3401764 Meshify C Panel Yellow  (FD-ACC-MESH-C-FFILT-YE)
  3387345 Define S2 USB C Blackout TG  (FD-CA-DEF-S2-BKO-TGL)
  3503131 Meshify S2 White TG  (FD-CA-MESH-S2-WT-TGC)
  1808642 Fractal Design Define R5 Black  (FD-CA-DEF-R5-BK)
  1508614 Fractal Design Node 304 System Cabinet  (FD-CA-NODE-304-BL)
  1509171 Fractal Design Define XL R2 Black Pearl  (FD-CA-DEF-XL-R2-BL)
  3387356 Define S2 USB C Grey TG  (FD-CA-DEF-S2-GY-TGL)
  3401665 Meshify C Pnl Meshify C SkyBlu  (FD-ACC-MESH-C-FFILT-BU2)
  3401813 Meshify C Panel Metallic Coppr  (FD-ACC-MESH-C-FFILT-CU)
  3401864 Meshify C Panel White  (FD-ACC-MESH-C-FFILT-WT)
  3387363 Define S2 USB C White TG  (FD-CA-DEF-S2-WT-TGC)
  3401983 Meshify C Panel Deep Blue  (FD-ACC-MESH-C-FFILT-BU)
  2891132 Fractal Design Define C TG  (FD-CA-DEF-C-BK-TG)
  2893352 Fractal Design Focus G Gray  (FD-CA-FOCUS-GY-W)
  2893353 Fractal Design Meshify CATX TG  (FD-CA-MESH-C-BKO-TG)
  2893365 Fractal Design Focus G Red  (FD-CA-FOCUS-RD-W)
  3004204 Fractal Design Meshify C Mini  (FD-CA-MESH-C-MINI-BKO-TGD)
  3004211 Meshify C White TG  (FD-CA-MESH-C-WT-TGC)
  2992969 Meshify C ATX  (FD-CA-MESH-C-BKO)
  2992970 Meshify C TG Lt  (FD-CA-MESH-C-BKO-TGL)
  2683602 ractal Design Define C Computer Case - Mid-tower - Black - 5 x Bay - 2 x Fan(s) Installed - ATX, Micro ATX, Mini ITX Motherboard Supported ----- NO POWER SUPPLY  (FD-CA-DEF-C-BK)
  2871159 Fractal Design Focus G Black  (FD-CA-FOCUS-BK-W)
  2871185 Fractal Design Focus G White  (FD-CA-FOCUS-WT-W)
  3773166 Define 7 Gray TG Light Tint  (FD-C-DEF7A-08)
  3773167 Define 7 Black Solid  (FD-C-DEF7A-01)
  3773174 Define 7 White TG Clear Tint  (FD-C-DEF7A-06)
HARDWARE » Power Supply » Power Supply - PC
  ITEM#     Product Name (Part No)
  3702301 Ion SFX 500G  (FD-PSU-ION-SFX-500G-BK-US)
  3649043 Ion Plus 560P 80PLUS Platinum  (FD-PSU-IONP-560P-BK-US)

Product Search (By Keywords, ITEM#, Mfg Part #)
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